Buffalo Soldiers - Moses Williams Pacific Northwest Chapter                                                                              

Moses Williams Pacific NW Chapter

Buffalo Soldiers - Moses Williams Pacific Northwest Chapter History


The  Buffalo Soldiers - Moses Williams Pacific Northwest Chapter

As stated in our mission statement, the chapter is committed to preserving and recognizing the contributions and commitment of the Buffalo Soldiers, educating others about the courage and integrity demonstrated by these brave men, and establishing a standard of excellence and behavior worthy of the brave soldiers whose shoulders we stand upon.

This mission is accomplished through the member's commitment to service within the community. The soldiers of the Moses Williams Pacific Northwest Chapter are involved in various community service activities, including: flag bearing ceremonies, mounted cavalry units in the Rose Festival Parade and the  Hollywood Parade, camping trips and lunch events for inner-city youth.

The chapter is also developing plans to create a housing program that would offer shelter 
to young adults/families. 


Trooper Roster

  • William Morehouse - Honorary President
  • Frazier Raymond, Jr. - President
  • Richard Scott - Quarter Master
  • Terry Sharp - Sergeant at Arms
  • Anderson D. DuBoise - Historian
  • Shannon Green - Event Coordinator
  • Louis Coman Jr - Wrangler
  • Jerome Person
  • Valda McCauley
  • William Cabine
  • Gwen Stokes - Historian
  • Shukree Dawan

Contact the Buffalo Soldiers - Moses Williams Pacific Northwest Chapter                                                
Phone: (503) 756-4304 / (503) 490-1109